"P" to "T"


1A small pouch inside a garment for carrying small articles (6)
5Slender quick-growing tree (6)
10Revised or altered a motion, bill, or constitution (7)
11Land, or an area of land, measured in acres (7)
12A porter at an airport or railroad station ( informal ) (6)
15To forbid or prohibit something forcefully (6)
16Having an agreeably pungent taste (7)
17Being of the age 13 through 19 (4)
18A persistently annoying person (4)
19An expert in an art or skill, especially an accomplished musician, conductor, or composer (7)
20Hit golf ball with tapping stroke (4)
22To stay in temporary accommodations, especially in a tent (4)
25A person who requires medical care (7)
27An attendant who is employed to accompany someone (6)
28Container for serving tea (6)
31A long formal letter, often intended to provide instruction ( formal ) (7)
32A speech, lecture, or other instance of formal or ceremonial public speaking (7)
33To allow something or give permission for it (6)
34Rope attached to animal (6)


2Past due; not paid at the scheduled time (7)
3Abduct somebody (6)
4Having a neat orderly appearance (4)
5Deposit of organic debris (4)
6Somebody's mother, father, or legal guardian (6)
7Pie with ice cream on top or on the side (1 2 4)
8Usually brightly colored tropical bird (6)
9An oily edible seed with a thin shell (6)
13A series of quick light tapping noises, especially those made by feet running lightly (7)
14Act of chasing after something (7)
15One who enters a competition (7)
20Set in advance (6)
21Relating to or used for the sense of touch (7)
23To inform or give notice to somebody about something ( formal ) (7)
24A document granting an inventor sole rights to an invention (6)
25For the time being (3,3)
26Renter of property (6)
29Animal skin (4)
30A place by the sea, or by a river or other waterway, where ships and boats can dock, load, and unload (4)

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