"Let the squashing begin"


1One more than 7 (5)
4Having legs of a specified kind or number (6)
9Undo strands of something (7)
10A person who drinks alcoholic beverages (especially to excess) (7)
11Asphalt (3)
13A colorless acid with a pungent odor that is the main component of vinegar (6)
15S American mammal (6)
16Particularly important, distinguished, or famous (7)
17Small children (4)
18Indicates that something belongs or relates to a woman, girl, or female (4)
19Tropical storm (7)
20Animals hunted by other animals (4)
22Spider's constructions (4)
25Afternoon movie (7)
27Hole for cord (6)
28Appliances that removes moisture (6)
29A movement, doctrine, or system of belief (informal) (3)
31Removing ice from something such as a windshield (2-5)
32To sign the back of a check (7)
33________ Brothers, an American motion-picture production company (6)
34Poisonous spider, black _____ (5)


1Done in a deeply sincere way (7)
2Consent reluctantly (4,2)
3A slanted surface or position (4)
4Wild animal's den (4)
5Eat quickly and greedily (6)
6Hug somebody (7)
7An organism that has characteristics resulting from chromosomal alteration (6)
8People or animals that are markedly unusual or deformed (6)
12Eight-legged organisms (9)
14Somebody who imitates others (7)
15Permitted (7)
20Not authentic or sincere, in spite of appearances (6)
21Retired but retaining professional title, especially as a woman professor (7)
23Bony ridge above the eye (7)
24Female sibling (6)
25Middle point (6)
26Worn away as by water or ice or wind (6)
29Russian American composer, ____ Stravinsky (4)
30The sound made by a cat (4)