Good Ole Summer Time


1Played on a large open course (4)
3Live in a tent (4)
6Jewish religious leader (5)
10Simulating real things or imaginary things in a way that seems real (9)
11Common (5)
12A citizen who has a legal right to vote (7)
13An arc of colored light (7)
14 Scratch (4)
16Bruce Wayne’s crime-fighting alter ego (6)
18Make vehicle engine go faster (3)
21Large African antelope (3)
22In equal amounts or shares (6)
23Harmony or agreement (4)
25Informal meals eaten outside in the summer (7)
27Frozen dessert (7)
29The basic unit of money in Russia (5)
30City in western California, San _______ (9)
31Waterlogged (5)
32Main axis of plant (4)
33Hotel for travelers (4)


1Working with plants (9)
2Exit (5)
4Every other (9)
5Horse trained to pace (5)
6A gathering of old friends, relatives, or people who were colleagues at one time (8)
7Summertime fruit (9)
8A relative by marriage (2-3)
9Young domestic cat (5)
15A woman's strapless purse (6,3)
17Summertime frothy drink made with ice cream (4 5)
19Enjoy these in the summer (9)
20An industrial site where substances such as oil or sugar are processed and purified (8)
24Spend time here in the summer, swimming, boating, sunbathing (5)
25Kids play here in the summer (5)
26Couches (5)
28Open container for washing (5)