Starts with "VE"


1A room in a church where meetings or classes are held (6)
4Lead a passive existence without using one's body or mind (8)
9Any of a variety of loose fitting cloaks extending to the hips or knees (6)
10Esp, ceremonial garments worn by the clergy (8)
12A person who investigates and reports or edits news stories (8)
13A large fleet (6)
15The back side of the neck (4)
16One who eats no meat or fish or (often) any animal products (10)
19(zoology) having a backbone or spinal column (10)
20To sell something from a vending machine (4)
23A score in American football; a player is tackled behind his own goal line (6)
25Having the properties of a magnet; i.e. of attracting iron or steel (8)
27Improves nutritional content of food (8)
28Enclosed railroad car (6)
29To reproduce the essential features of something, e.g. as an aid to study or training (8)
30A heavy creamy-colored paper resembling parchment (6)


1A serviceman who has seen considerable active service (7)
2Small wading bird (9)
3Music disk (6)
5The organs of sight (4)
6Situated on, happening on, or coming from the outside (8)
7A large structure for open-air sports or entertainments (5)
8To cause something to happen as a consequence of an action (7)
11Thin layers of superior wood glued to a base of inferior wood (7)
14Relating to or situated in, on, or near the abdomen (7)
17Exactly alike; incapable of being perceived as different (9)
18Upright in position or posture (8)
19Late afternoon or evening worship services (7)
21Dignity or good taste that is appropriate to a specific occasion (7)
22Any person (6)
24A public meeting or assembly for open discussion (5)
26A release or expression of strong feelings or emotions, or a chance to do this (4)