Summertime...and the living is easy


1Take it easy (4)
3To relax and do no work (4)
6Take a _____ (5)
10Ink container for a printer (9)
11Octet (5)
12Country in Southeast Asia (7)
13Obedient or submitting to duty (7)
14Not imaginary (4)
16Sleep lightly or for a short period of time (6)
18Used for gliding over snow (3)
20Not on (3)
21Administers or bestows, as in small portions (6)
22Not working or in use (4)
25Enthusiastic approval (7)
27Like a very small orange (7)
29Excuse (5)
30Bring to an end (9)
31A fabric woven with fibers from the flax plant (5)
32Corrode (4)
33The present location; this place (4)


1Recuperate (7)
2Put the ball into play; as in games like tennis (5)
4The muscles that form the wall of the abdomen (9)
5To make corrections or alterations to improve a text (5)
6A short respite (8)
7Wholly absorbed as in thought (9)
8Flown in wind at end of a string (5)
9A single serving of a beverage (5)
15Feelings of fondness or tenderness (9)
17Outlying areas (as of a city or town) (9)
19Leisure time away from work; devoted to rest or pleasure (8)
23To an utmost degree (7)
24Electronic communication (1-4)
25To be helpful or useful to somebody (5)
26Engine (5)
28Way language is actually used (5)