Starts with "H"


1May enjoy the challenge of breaking into other computers (6)
5One who lives in solitude (6)
10Brings to the latest state of technology; in computer technology (7)
11Rose-shaped badge (7)
12A state of commotion and loud confused noise (6)
15Large fleshy edible white or yellow root (6)
16Middle or inner ear pain (7)
17A circular band of a precious metal worn on the finger (4)
18A person who inherits the estate of another (4)
19Member of the stage crew in charge of properties (7)
20Keep out of sight (4)
22Swearing to the truth of a statement (4)
25A resident of Indiana (7)
27A term derived from the combination of "marionette" and "puppet" (6)
28Make up for a loss (6)
31Itallian rice (7)
32The art of folding paper to make figures and shapes (7)
33Decorative plaster work (6)
34Dye after knotting the fabric to produce an irregular pattern (3-3)


2Stomach (7)
3A metal pot for stewing or boiling (6)
4Travel on or in a vehicle (4)
5Distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strength (4)
6Recovery or preservation from loss or danger (6)
7(of color) having the highest saturation (7)
8Predator (6)
9Somebody or something that assists (6)
13Main root of a plant growing straight downward from the stem (7)
14Someone who plays the harp (7)
15Place where movies are shown (7)
20A macho or very strong, tough, and masculine man (6)
21Put into a bank account (7)
23Deviation from the normal or common order or form or rule (7)
24Flower child (6)
25Marked by intense agitation or emotion (6)
26Directions for cooking something (6)
29Bum (4)
30Somebody entertaining guests (4)