To "Be" or not to "Be"


1Flashing light for ships (6)
5To scold somebody vigorously and at length (6)
10Understanding and entering into another's feelings (7)
11(of tempo) moderately slow (7)
12The first of two or the first mentioned of two (6)
15Not a threat to life or long-term health, especially by being noncancerous (6)
16The capital and largest city of Iran (7)
17A continuous twisted strand of fiber (4)
18Hinge joint in the human leg (4)
19A feeling of extreme pleasure or satisfaction (7)
20Used to hold up clothing for the lower body, or to carry tools (4)
22Smooth-tongued (4)
25A monarchy in northwestern Europe (7)
27An award conferred by a college or university signifying that the recipient has satisfactorily completed a course of study (6)
28A Balkan republic; formerly part of Yugoslavia (6)
31The last car on a freight train (7)
32Not usual or common or ordinary (7)
33Somebody who begs for money or food from strangers (6)
34Hard-backed insect (6)


2The male ruler of an empire (7)
3Flat, boneless piece of meat (6)
4Votes of no (4)
5A narrow line of light, e.g. from a flashlight (4)
6Turn red, as if in embarrassment (6)
7A state mental or emotional strain or suspense (7)
8A room (often at the top of a tower) where bells are hung (6)
9______ Babies (6)
13(sports) the chief official (7)
14Surround place with army (7)
15Fill with water and use to wash the body (7)
20Decorate (6)
21(of handwriting, print, etc.) able to be read (7)
23Consisting of or related to language (7)
24Hound dog (6)
25Be owned by; be in the possession of (6)
26An assembly of electronic components (as of computer hardware) (6)
29Large furry animal (4)
30Underground plant part (4)