Ready, Set, Go


1The performance of a part or role in a drama (6)
5Something believed to be absolutely and unquestionably true (6)
10Hard work (7)
11Trunk or a thick branch of a tree (3)
12A cry or noise made to express displeasure or contempt (3)
13Synthetic fiber (6)
16A vehicle that carries a coffin (6)
17A small crown (7)
18A painful inflammation of the big toe (4)
19Oaf (4)
20Bead of moisture (7)
21An adjective indicating that something is approved of or desirable (4)
23To provoke or incite somebody into action (4)
26Hairdresser (7)
28An administrative unit of government (6)
29Moving or capable of moving readily (6)
32Distinctive period of history (3)
33Gone by; or in the past (3)
34Perform surgery on (7)
35Tiny mischievous or evil creature (6)
36The hockey player assigned to protect the goal (6)


2An impressive country house (or castle) in France (7)
3Having printed letters sloping to the right (6)
4Game with ball and clubs (4)
5A soft heavy yellow metal (4)
6A seal used to stamp official documents (6)
7A government order imposing a trade barrier (7)
8Having strength (6)
9Exercise authority over; as of nations (6)
14Small toy or trinket (7)
15Venetian canal boat (7)
16Valor, bravery, courageousness (7)
21A small chin beard (6)
22Pungent leaves used as seasoning with meats (7)
24The art of folding paper to make figures and shapes (7)
25An internal-combustion engine that burns heavy oil (6)
26Write carelessly (6)
27Capital of Kansas (6)
30Long, usually formal, woman's dress (4)
31A resonant sound when struck with a mallet (4)