Sky Watching


1Meteor visible in early August (7)
5Ionizing particles caused by cosmic ray (7)
9More than usual (5)
10Generally accepted truth (5)
11Common girl's middle name (3)
12Inflated opinion of yourself (3)
13A religious doctrine that is proclaimed as true without proof (5)
14Sing or murmur gently (5)
15Praise, glorify, or honor (5)
17Play a guitar (5)
19Keep quiet (3)
20Bumble or Honey (3)
21Short nonfiction prose piece (5)
22Lives under a bridge (5)
24Soft creamy candy (5)
26Young owl (5)
28A parcel of land having fixed boundaries (3)
29A rapid bustling commotion (3)
30Group of fish (5)
31Large bird of prey (5)
32To watch something without taking part (7)
33Understanding of another's feelings (7)


1Come or go before something (7)
2The reasoning that explains a particular course of action (9)
3Make something law (5)
4Identification of illness (9)
5In mid-August the Earth passes close to the Comet _____-Tuttle (5)
6Unit of electrical resistance (3)
7(Greek mythology) the Muse of lyric and love poetry (5)
8Word meaning same as another (7)
14Astronomical object with long tail (5)
16Subject of discussion or composition (5)
18Deep bright blue (5,4)
19Light from the Sun reflected from the Moon's surface. (9)
20N American bison (7)
23Gambling game (7)
25Worthless material that should be removed (5)
26A colorless gas (O3) (5)
27Secure with or as if with ropes (3-2)
30Title used before name of knight (3)