"AI" Words


1Series of joined metal rings (5)
4Wander around without purpose (9)
9Okay (7)
10Elementary particle without electric charge (7)
11A container for drinking (5)
13Show a response to something (5)
15A grassy field or meadow ( literary ) (3)
16A pointed tool for punching small holes (3)
17The amount a salary is increased (5)
19Passageway between seating areas (5)
21Person of exceptional holiness (5)
23Distinctive and stylish elegance (5)
24Abbreviation of pounds per square inch (3)
25Give permission (3)
26A pipe through which liquid is carried away (5)
28A large stringed instrument (5)
29Enlarge or increase (7)
31The capital and largest city of Kenya (7)
33Flying vehicles (9)
34Electronic communication (1-4)


1Considered a weed in lawns and gardens (9)
2Transporting letters and packages in aircraft (7)
3Bother persistently with trivial complaints (3)
4A theatrical performer (5)
5Adult male (3)
6Become active and spew forth lava and rocks (5)
7More than is needed (7)
8(Yiddish) a woman gossip unable to keep a secret (5)
12A proud stiff pompous gait (5)
14Where sports events take place (5)
18(in writing) see below (5)
19Of or relating to or containing or derived from gold (5)
20An article giving opinions or perspectives (9)
22Any positive or negative whole number or zero (7)
24An easily beaten athlete, especially a boxer ( slang ) (7)
25South American cud-chewing animal (5)
26Make one's home or live in (5)
27Dressed to the ______: very elaborately or formally dressed (5)
30Equivalent to 2000 pounds (3)
32Water frozen in the solid state (3)