"E" Before "I"


1A god, goddess, or other divine being (5)
4Salt waters of Earth (3)
6Short musical compositions with words (5)
9Worn on Halloween (7)
10A building, especially a large or impressive one (7)
11Metal casting (5)
13A daughter of your brother or sister (5)
15Adult female chicken (3)
16Take in food (3)
17A smooth fabric of silk or rayon (5)
19A program that is broadcast again (5)
20Take by force (5)
22Excuse (5)
23Buddy (3)
25A form of address for a sister ( informal ) (3)
26Little (5)
28Dark gray clouds bearing rain (5)
29Get something; come into possession of (7)
31An impressive country house (or castle) in France (7)
33Loose temporary stitches (5)
34An informal term for a father (3)
35A very light brown (5)


1Intentionally trick or mislead somebody (7)
2Clear perception (7)
3Second person pronoun; the person addressed (3)
4Beer mug (5)
5Yes, especially a yes vote (3)
6A French river that flows through the heart of Paris (5)
7______ here nor there (7)
8Coils of worsted yarn (5)
12Sense that identifies flavors (5)
14Boredom from lack of interest (5)
18Jewelled headdress (5)
19The period during which a monarch is sovereign (5)
21Bugs (7)
23Ancient city southeast of Naples (7)
24Time available for ease and relaxation (7)
25Wash thoroughly; of surgeons before an operation (5)
26A tall tower that tapers to a point at the top (5)
27Having a clear mind (5)
30Terminate (3)
32A long white robe with long sleeves worn by priests (3)