We're Back


1Start (5)
4Electronic data processors (9)
8University (7)
9Venomous snake (7)
10White Arctic bear (5)
12Hard to penetrate intellectually (5)
14Personal Digital Assistant (3)
15The sound made by a pigeon (3)
16Every student needs a cell______ (5)
18Not dirty (5)
20To reduce a document to unreadable strips (5)
22Discern flavor (5)
23Part of tennis match (3)
24Grassy field or meadow (3)
25Well-known and distinguished by a particular thing or quality (5)
27Flip through printed matter (5)
28A student (formal) (7)
29Expert or master musician (7)
31A handheld computerized device for managing appointments and other information (9)
32Student residences (5)


1Carried by a strap on your back or shoulder (9)
2Italian physicist and astronomer (7)
3Formerly known as (3)
4Any set of beliefs or principles (5)
5Undo knot in something (5)
6Obscuring of a celestial body (7)
7Republic in the Middle East (5)
11Swift (5)
13Wants (5)
17Group of eight, especially musicians (5)
18Break rules to gain advantage (5)
19Small personal computers (9)
21Selfish arrogant motorist (4,3)
23To walk at an easy unhurried pace (7)
24A long noosed rope used to catch animals (5)
25Synthetic material (5)
26Object mildly (5)
30Final part (3)