"GI" Joe


1Gadgets, widgets, thingamajigs, etc (6)
5Laugh nervously (6)
10A concentrated plant extract containing its unique flavor and fragrance (7)
11The official language of Kenya and Tanzania (7)
12With printed letters sloping to right (6)
15Concrete (6)
16A facility where logs are cut into boards (7)
17A cylindrical tower used for storing silage (4)
18Formerly owned by somebody else (4)
19To excuse somebody for a mistake, misunderstanding, wrongdoing, or inappropriate behavior (7)
20A youthful female person (4)
22Pass something to somebody (4)
25Into forcefully separated pieces; apart (7)
27Somebody's opinion about what another person should do (6)
28Talking wildly; delirious; frenzied (6)
31More than necessary (3,4)
32A fee paid for instruction (especially for higher education) (7)
33Tool for boring holes in wood (6)
34The government of a particular country, especially one that is considered to be oppressive (6)


2To load software onto a computer (7)
3Large predatory insect, commonly known as praying ______ (6)
4Child's toy vehicle for snow (4)
5The essential point or meaning of something (4)
6Rock fragments and pebbles (6)
7Stands around without any obvious purpose (7)
8Starts (6)
9Endowed with talent or talents (6)
13The last car on the train (7)
14Form image of something in mind (7)
15The keyboard of a musical instrument (7)
20Especially tall mythological creatures or monsters (6)
21A popular type of pasta (7)
23Silver-white metallic element (7)
24A wheeled vehicle that is used to draw trains along railway tracks (6)
25Real and existing as fact (6)
26The evaluation or assessment of something, in terms of quality (6)
29Close (4)
30Point of light in night sky (4)

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