"Never Forget"


1Unhappiness (7)
5Feeling shame or guilt or embarrassment or remorse (7)
9Buddy (3)
10Music's speed (5)
11A strong lustrous fiber (5)
12One more than 10 (6)
13A witty saying (7)
15Hat edge (4)
17Somebody or something harmed (6)
19A small piece of something (3)
21Tear (3)
22Somebody's attitude or state of mind (6)
23Feeling of anxiety (4)
25Quality of being brave (7)
27A sudden and violent collapse (6)
30Make dim or indistinct (5)
31Not together (5)
32Flower necklace (3)
33A strong defender of a particular way of life or principle (7)
34Right to act or speak freely (7)


1The month following August (9)
2Investigate or research something thoroughly to obtain information (5)
3To value somebody or something highly (6)
4Unchanged in character or nature (4)
5To or in heaven (literary) (5)
6Remarkable physical or moral courage (7)
7Worth remembering or likely to be remembered (9)
8Something hoped for (5)
14Smaller version of something (4)
16Showing no care, forethought, or judgment (9)
18____ Towers (4)
20Violence, carried out for political purposes (9)
22Deeply affected or marked by mental or physical pain (7)
24Admirable quality (6)
25Three-dimensional (5)
26Electronic mail (1-4)
28Strong (5)
29One of two equal parts (4)