Begins and Ends with "D"


1No longer living (4)
3A notable achievement (4)
6Challenged somebody to do something dangerous or frightening (5)
10Cocoa (9)
11A toe, especially a small child’s toe (5)
12Imply as a possibility (7)
13Clothed (7)
14Group of military personnel (4)
16Official order (6)
18The color of a strawberry (3)
21A depression in an otherwise level surface (3)
22To involve or result in something inevitably (6)
23A slow pace of running (4)
25Slobbered (7)
27More tranquil (7)
29Cause fruit to reach a mature condition (5)
30Lizard able to change skin color (9)
31(in baseball) the slight elevation on which the pitcher stands (5)
32(used of color) artificially produced; not natural (4)
33Two individual units, things, or people linked as a pair ( formal ) (4)


1Small long-bodied short-legged German breed of dog (9)
2Amidst (5)
4The passing of a law by a legislative body (9)
5Fearful expectation or anticipation (5)
6Used up or reduced something, for example, supplies, resources, or energy (8)
7The administrator responsible for student records (9)
8A deity or nymph of the woods (5)
9Had a short light sleep (5)
15Done or said spontaneously (9)
17Bring back into its original existence or use (9)
19Removed a ruler, especially a monarch, from power (9)
20Refused invitation (8)
24Preserved by removing natural moisture (5)
25Wheat used in making pasta (5)
26Cubed (5)
28Feeling or showing a strong need for affection, love, or other emotional support (5)