"V" as in Victory


1A bowed string instrument (6)
5Small animals or insects that harm people, livestock, property, or crops (6)
10Relating to or using sight (7)
11A stick or pin used to twist the yarn in spinning (7)
12Of the greatest possible degree or extent or intensity (6)
15Of a color intermediate between red and blue (6)
16Betrayal of country (7)
17Freedom from difficulty or hardship or effort (4)
18(used to add emphasis to an adjective or adverb) to a great degree, or extremely (4)
19Aggressive and liable to attack or bite (7)
20Word indicating action or state (4)
22Capital and largest city of Ukraine (4)
25Properties that are leased or rented out (7)
27International student working as domestic helper (2,4)
28An extra or repeated performance; usually given in response to audience demand (6)
31Time available for ease and relaxation (7)
32An account of something, given from a specific point of view (7)
33Low-lying land around river (6)
34A ship or large boat (6)


2A strip of land connecting two larger bodies of land (7)
3A swarming grasshopper (6)
4____ and void, not legally valid (4)
5A mechanical screw apparatus used for clamping or holding (4)
6Dried grape (6)
7To allow yourself or somebody else to experience something enjoyable (7)
8The loudness of a sound (6)
9A room attached to a church, where vestments or sacred objects are kept (6)
13An unpowered vehicle pulled by a powered vehicle (7)
14The quality of being varied or diversified (7)
15Talking easily and at length, or involving lengthy talking (7)
20Able to be done or worth doing (6)
21Faithful copy of something (7)
23To feel great admiration or love for somebody or something, often to excess (7)
24The capital and largest city of Austria (6)
25The observance of actions or procedures in a set, ordered, and ceremonial way (6)
26Traps for small animals that operates like a noose (6)
29Refuse to grant, as of a petition or request (4)
30The largest city and financial center of Israel, Tel ____ (4)

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