Rhymes with IDE


1Next to, at the side of (6)
5Refused to grant, as of a petition or request (6)
10Interferes with the movement, progress, or development of something (7)
11Chinese-American fried snack (3,4)
12The way in which somebody’s hair has been cut or styled (6)
15A punctuation mark (6)
16To beg somebody for something, often repeatedly ( formal ) (7)
17Informal term for clothing (4)
18Social insects (4)
19A real or pretended display of courage or boldness (7)
20The periodic rise and fall of the sea level (4)
22(used of eyes) fully open or extended (4)
25Commonplace, not unusual, and often boring (7)
27Great wealth or many valuable possessions (6)
28Marked by absence of sound (6)
31Advanced in years (7)
32So as to be across or positioned crosswise over something (7)
33To elicit or derive something, for example, a conclusion (6)
34A step in walking or running (6)


2Removed contents of something (7)
3A salt or ester of hydriodic acid (6)
4Posing no difficulty; requiring little effort (4)
5(used of color) artificially produced; not natural (4)
6A solid lump of a precious metal (6)
7Any strong feeling (7)
8Exhaled audibly (6)
9Moves smoothly and effortlessly (6)
13Representing a great burden or much trouble (7)
14Supply somebody with something (7)
15Release from punishment (7)
20Thanksgiving bird (6)
21Made up one's mind (7)
23Emerald Isle (7)
24The whole of somebody’s property, possessions, and capital (6)
25System of measurement (6)
26One or the other (6)
29To look at something or somebody inquisitively (4)
30The 4th planet from the sun (4)