1_____ Night Football (6)
5Somebody who creates, especially paintings (6)
10Flower (7)
11A large structure where football is played (7)
12Failing in what duty requires (6)
15Prevents vessel from moving (6)
16Tailgate food (7)
17Appendage (4)
18____ Arcade (4)
19A football (7)
20Tailgate beverage (4)
22Tailgate snack, chips and ____ (4)
25Many and different (7)
27Chewy candy containing nuts (6)
28Tailgate attire (1-5)
31Give the right to (7)
32Concerning things deeply personal (7)
33Used for tailgate cooking, gas- fueled or charcoal (6)
34Tailgate insulated food container (6)


2Most favorable condition (7)
3Yeast-raised roll usually filled with fruits or cheese (6)
4365 days (4)
5In addition (4)
6Railway cars (6)
7To slide along easily, as a snake does (7)
8Type of kick or pass in which the ball turns on its longer axis as it flies through the air (6)
9To rise or come forth from or as if from water (6)
13Petition a person or group for something (7)
14A Greek epic poem (7)
15In opposition to (7)
20Tailgate flag bearing team name (6)
21An imaginary line around the Earth (7)
23Copy (7)
24A person engaged to care for children (6)
25A finger or toe in human beings (6)
26A member of a people inhabiting the Arctic (6)
29Indicates that something belongs to a woman (4)
30A long narrative poem telling of a hero's deeds (4)