Round in Circles


1An object similar in shape to a ball (6)
5Grows in bunches on vines (6)
10A long spear-like instrument used in fishing (7)
11An expert in an art or skill, especially an accomplished musician, conductor, or composer (7)
12A list of names, especially athletes (6)
15A sudden flash (as of lightning) (6)
16Administers a sedative to somebody (7)
17Yellow of egg (4)
18To surrender or give up something such as land, rights, or power, to another country, group, or person (4)
19Praise somebody highly (7)
20A device used on a fishing rod to wind the fishing line up (4)
22Rock that is in its molten form (4)
25Hard-shelled fruit containing sweet juice (7)
27Large American feline resembling a lion (6)
28Small ocean crustacean (6)
31To spring back or recoil (7)
32A trademark for a plastic disk thrown from person to person in a game (7)
33A solid missile discharged from a firearm (6)
34Shiny grayish element (6)


2A ladies umbrella made to provide shade from the sun (7)
3Brings to mind a memory or feeling, especially from the past (6)
4Indefinitely long periods of time (4)
5Precious or semiprecious stones (4)
6Prevents something from occurring, especially something harmful (6)
7Describes sports in which participants actively seek out dangerous or even life-threatening experiences (7)
8A red fruit with a single hard stone (6)
9That's the way the______ crumbles (6)
13A nuclear _______: a device for containing and controlling a nuclear reaction (7)
14Inflated with air or helium and used as a toy or decoration (7)
15Not lighthearted (7)
20Something on which sound is copied, especially a plastic disk with a groove that can be played using a phonograph (6)
21Calm and not easily disturbed (7)
23Friendly and pleasant to be with (7)
24Granny Smiths (6)
25Informal and relaxed (6)
26An almost pleasurable sensation of fright (6)
29Prepare for publication or presentation by correcting, revising, or adapting (4)
30Unidentified flying objects (4)

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