1A discharge of lightning (4)
3A stain or spot caused by a drop of liquid (4)
6The sound of sheep or goats (5)
10(mathematics) a lack of symmetry (9)
11Pay increase (5)
12Lassos (7)
13Connected by kinship, common origin, or marriage (7)
14In addition (4)
16Very small version of something (6)
18Apprehend (3)
21As in baseball: touch a player while he is holding the ball (3)
22A periodical that is published every week (6)
23Flat tableland with steep edges (4)
25Bedding that keeps a person warm in bed (7)
27Clam, snail, slug, or octopus (7)
29Complete reversal of direction of travel (1-4)
30To draw or type a line under something (9)
31Thick woolen fabric used for clothing (5)
32Used to hold up clothing (4)
33A space reserved for sitting (as in a theater or on a train or airplane) (4)


1Having or marked by unusual and impressive intelligence (9)
2Productive work (especially physical work done for wages) (5)
4An overwhelming electoral victory (9)
5Belonging to them (5)
6Juicy yellow pear (8)
7The fact or state of continued being; life (9)
8The horizontal part of a stair or step (5)
9Puffiness (5)
15Your name written in your own handwriting (9)
17Olympic award (4,5)
19A person who attained the rank of expert in the martial arts (5,4)
20Woke up (8)
24Utter impulsively (5)
25Outspoken (5)
26The shortest thickest digit of the human hand (5)
28Join or combine (5)