Stormy Weather


1To hinder or prevent (the efforts, plans, or desires) of (6)
4A warning of impending severe weather (8)
9Young owl (5)
10A severe tropical storm (9)
11(informal) subject to accident or chance or change (4)
12Branch of armed forces (4)
13Shut down the factory (5)
15Motion sickness caused by air travel (7)
162002 hurricane that hit Louisiana (4)
19The protruding part of the lower jaw (4)
20Small swift graceful antelope (7)
23A small V-shaped cut (5)
24Get these at Subway (4)
25Close-fitting (4)
27Teach somebody again (9)
28Hurricane _____ devastated Nicaragua and Honduras, October 1998 (5)
29Inefficient in use of time and effort and materials (8)
30Sweetened milk or cream mixed with eggs and usually alcoholic liquor (6)


1A ________ storm develops offshore, with the ability to develop into a hurricane (8)
2Rapidly spreading fire (8)
3The relative speed of progress or change (4)
5Not clean (5)
6Prepare a computer for use (10)
7An authoritative person who divines the future (6)
8Amount produced (6)
10The Taino god of storms (7)
14A tower with a light that gives warning to passing ships (10)
16(of handwriting, print, etc.) able to be read (7)
17Mass of tiny floating organisms (8)
18Small spiny animal (8)
21The most destructive hurricane in the history of the U.S (6)
22Mental, emotional, or physical strain caused by anxiety (6)
24A mishap caused by incompetence and resulting in delay or confusion ( informal ) (5)
26A mixture of fog and smoke (4)