"Sailed the ocean blue"


1/6Celebrated on the second Monday in October (8,3)
8To satisfy hunger (7)
9Word with opposite meaning (7)
11Wanderers (6)
14Middle point or area (6)
15Appropriate in a particular situation ( formal ) (7)
16Voluntary contributions to aid the poor (4)
17Flat elevated area (4)
18Discovered in 1492 (7)
19Scheme for achieving objective (4)
21Within or among (4)
24City in Israel (3,4)
26Asked somebody persistently and annoyingly to do something (6)
27Used to describe weather that is scorching hot (6)
30Typical amount (7)
31Form an image in the mind (7)
32A young child (3)
33Sponsor of the voyages of Christopher Columbus, Queen _______ (8)


2Best of several outcomes (7)
3Republic in East Africa (6)
4Make tea or coffee (4)
5Convert an image into digital or electronic form (4)
6Obligations (6)
7The longest river of Asia (7)
8/10Columbusís flagship (5,5)
12Received unsolicited bulk e-mails (7)
13A mat placed outside and exterior door (7)
14Too much pride in yourself (7)
19One of Christopher Columbus's three-ship fleet (5)
20To grow, or to increase something in number, amount, size, strength (7)
22Of soldiers and war (7)
23Move quickly to avoid something (5)
24Renter (6)
25A journey by sea (6)
28Mysterious Himalayan animal (4)
29Officially named the Santa Clara but known as the _____ (4)