"O" Sounds


1Three performers or singers who perform together (4)
3Remarkably brave person (4)
6To throw something carelessly or forcefully (5)
10A situation or occasion when visitors are welcome at any time (4,5)
11The right-hand page of an open book (5)
12The absence of sound (7)
13The activity or process of thinking (7)
14Cut design into something with acid (4)
16Disposed to venture or take risks (6)
18A movement, doctrine, or system of belief ( informal ) (3)
21United States of America (3)
22Take or catch as if in a snare or trap (6)
23Enemies or opponents of somebody or something ( formal ) (4)
25Having spots or patches of color (7)
27Marked by refinement in taste and manners (7)
29Musical instrument with keyboard (5)
30Greatest in importance or significance (9)
31The fictional sidekick to the Lone Ranger. (5)
32A circle of light around the sun or moon (4)
33A double reed musical instrument of the woodwind family (4)


1Bridal clothes and linen (9)
2An excellent or perfect example of something or somebody (5)
4Full of enthusiasm (9)
5Done openly and without any attempt at concealment (5)
6A temporary leave of absence from military duty (8)
7With the identity disguised or hidden, e.g. under an assumed name (9)
8Be smugly happy (5)
9A coarse twilled cotton fabric frequently used for uniforms (5)
15A lake in northeastern New York (9)
17Relating to or marking an official beginning, e.g. of a newly elected president's term (9)
19Traditionally used as a decoration and for kissing under at Christmas (9)
20Having a good income or enough money to live comfortably (4-2-2)
24Tiny supernatural being (5)
25A railroad or bus station (5)
26How deep something is (5)
28A prosperous residential area outside a city, beyond the suburbs (5)

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