Triple "E"


1Hard-backed insect (6)
5Cheddar or Colby (6)
10A mountain in the central Himalayas (7)
11Easing of tension between nations (7)
12Citrus fruit juice extractor (6)
15Act or give something in recognition of someone's behavior (6)
16(sports) the chief official (7)
17Organs of vision (4)
18Fencing sword (4)
19The entire amount of income before any deductions are made (7)
20Praise enthusiastically (4)
22A slight competitive advantage (4)
25An acute and highly contagious viral disease (7)
27Honest or direct (6)
28Make violently angry (6)
31Treat humiliatingly (7)
32Strong believer in something (7)
33Change to ice (6)
34The wool of a sheep (6)


2Raise from a lower to a higher position (7)
3Move unsteadily, with a rocking motion (6)
4Takes in solid food (4)
5Area or Zip (4)
6The principal dish of a meal (6)
7Lamp used for tanning (7)
8An award conferred by a college or university (6)
9Used in sewing or embroidering (6)
13Took great pleasure in something (7)
14Used to make a machine or vehicle go backward (7)
15An exile who flees for safety (7)
20Move back and away from (6)
21Sour-tasting liquid (7)
23Powerful in effect (7)
24The sum of ten and one (6)
25Something that is unreal or merely imagined (6)
26Sleep lightly or for a short period of time (6)
29Relinquish possession or control over (4)
30Young of domestic cattle (4)