1An enthusiast of word games, especially of crosswords (14)
10To move toward the top of something, especially using the hands and feet (5)
11A terrifying or deeply upsetting dream (9)
12Software that provides better performance than an earlier version did (7)
13Intensely or excessively serious and grave in manner or attitude (7)
14Any substance that can flow; liquid or gas (5)
16Printed account of news (9)
19Superlative form of creamy (9)
20Woman's one-piece garment (5)
22Feels so contrite over one's sins as to change, or decide to change, one's ways (7)
25The penetration of the Earth's atmosphere by a spacecraft or missile returning from space (7)
27A fine white porcelain made from a mixture of clay and bone ash (4,5)
28Like, characteristic of, or associated with elves (5)
29Impossible to repress or control: " _________ laughter" (14)


2A device used to measure the amount of rain that falls in a location (4 5)
3Any of several venomous Asian and African elapid snakes (5)
4Revenge: punishment that is inflicted in return for a wrong (9)
5An unscrupulous or dishonest person, especially somebody who is also likable (5)
6Invertebrate animal (9)
7Devoid of intelligence (5)
8Place where movies are shown (7)
9The back of the neck (6)
15A member of the order of friars founded by St. Dominic in 1215 (9)
17River water falling over steep place (9)
18Existing in great number or quantity (9)
19Arctic deer with large antlers in both sexes (7)
21Proverbial expression (6)
23Be overcome by a sudden fear (5)
24Someone who skis (5)
26A buildup of excess serous fluid between tissue cells (5)

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