Don't bet on it!


1A city in Nevada known for gambling casinos (4)
3A game of chance in which players wager on a set of numbers to be drawn at random (4)
6The stakes that poker players must put into the pool (5)
10To charge a beverage with carbon dioxide gas (9)
11A cry of approval at the end of a great performance (5)
12And _______ I pledge thee my troth. ... (7)
13Gives testimony in a court of law (7)
14A curved shape that spans an opening (4)
16Gambling place (6)
18Any object with a spherical shape (3)
21Young of any of various fur- bearing animals (3)
22Wildcat of Central and South America (6)
23The 2nd letter of the Greek alphabet (4)
25Small paper-covered book (7)
27Designate something for particular purpose (7)
29Darkness (5)
30A cocktail made with tequila (9)
31A unit of weight equal to one sixteenth of a pound (5)
32Small cubes with 1 to 6 spots on the faces (4)
33One's personal fate or lot (4)


1Bet on horses here (9)
2Courage or self-assurance (5)
4Lose or cause to lose liquid by vaporization (9)
5A drama set to music (5)
6A strong drive for success (8)
7To move (a term) from one side of an algebraic equation to the other side (9)
8Gambling machines (5)
9Card game (5)
15A machine invented in 1793 by American Eli Whitney (6 3)
17Having equal dimensions or measurements (9)
19Twenty-one (9)
20Toothed wheel (8)
24Trick or _____ (5)
25A game in which numbered balls are drawn and players cover the corresponding numbers on their cards (5)
26Shy (5)
28Used to say goodbye (5)