Ends with AT


1Small lynx of North America (6)
5Aimlessly drifting (6)
10Currently happening (7)
11An advantageous purchase (7)
12Armed robber (6)
15Conditional release of prisoner (6)
16Frozen dessert (7)
17The other one from this (4)
18The basic rhythmic unit in a piece of music (4)
19A passageway under an arch (7)
20A nobleman (in various countries) of high rank (4)
22The inner surface of the hand (4)
25Short-tailed monkey of rocky regions of Asia and Africa (7)
27Computing: data organization (6)
28Smiles contemptuously (6)
31Pear-shaped tropical fruit (7)
32Egg-shaped terra-cotta instrument with a mouthpiece and finger holes (7)
33Make or do or perform again (6)
34A manís tall cylindrical hat with a flat top and a narrow brim (3 3)


2 A silklike fabric that resembles organdy (7)
3An unstable situation of extreme danger or difficulty (6)
4Garment worn by men in ancient Rome (4)
5French ecclesiastic (4)
6Lasso (6)
7With ice cream on top or on the side (1 2 4)
8Australian marsupials about the size of a badger (6)
9Remove from political office (6)
13At that time or place (7)
14Heat beforehand (7)
15(Greek mythology) immortal winged horse (7)
20Beat a competitor (6)
21Singing to prerecorded music (7)
23USA (7)
24Any of several cultivated grapes used for wine and raisins (6)
25Administer or run something (6)
26Stay in camp (6)
29A small vessel for travel on water (4)
30An outer garment (4)