Figure it "out"


1Baseball abbr. PO A play in which a batter or a baserunner is retired (6)
4A small piece of toasted bread; served in salads (8)
9Apprehending a criminal (6)
10A high thin heel on women's shoes (8)
11Hire (6)
12Oppose in hostility (8)
13On the negative side (3)
14Maintenance (6)
17A dress requirement for businessmen (7)
21Woody tropical grass having hollow woody stems (6)
25A failure to get on base safely in baseball (3)
26A swinging blow directed upward (8)
27Any new growth of a plant such as a new branch or a bud (6)
28The playing area extending outward from the diamond (8)
29Fall (6)
30Native N American weapon (8)
31Place a value on; judge the worth of something (6)


1Bring something gradually to an end (5,3)
2An expressway on which tolls are collected (8)
3Expressed without speech (8)
5A fixed portion alloted (especially in times of scarcity) (6)
6Fill with high spirits; fill with optimism (6)
7Right to purchase or sell a fixed amount of stock at a specified price (6)
8They discover and recruit talented people (especially in sports) (6)
12An informal meal cooked and eaten outdoors (7)
15A writing implement (3)
16A trivial lie (3)
18Use in your ears to block the entry of water or sound. (8)
19Perfect or complete or pure (8)
20Rehearsed performances (8)
22Baseball players and coaches sit in this during the game (6)
23Expectorated matter (6)
24A mental representation of some haunting experience (6)
25Someone who has committed (or been legally convicted of) a crime (6)