1Squirrels gather these (4)
3Small section of a ticket or check (4)
6Residential area beyond suburbs (5)
10A person who freely enlist for military service (9)
11(Greek mythology) the Muse of lyric and love poetry (5)
12Sewer opening (7)
13In the open air (7)
14Exhibition or fair (4)
16Somebody in charge (6)
20Will _______, American humorist, born Nov. 4, 1879 (6)
21An island, often a small one (4)
23November zodiac sign (7)
25City in eastern Washington (7)
27Accused’s claim of having been elsewhere (5)
28Predatory sea fish (9)
29They fly south (5)
30Larger than a village and smaller than a city (4)
31Indicates that something belongs or relates to a woman (4)


1Eleventh month (8)
2A sharp hooked claw esp. on a bird of prey (5)
4A song that is played in every episode of a television series (5,4)
5Small donkey used as a pack animal (5)
6_________ Day is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in Nov. (8)
7Agreed on by everyone (9)
8American frontiersman, born Nov. 2, 1734, Daniel ______ (5)
9Disturb, esp. by minor irritations (5)
15Be a regular customer of (9)
17Device for removing corks from bottles (9)
18Soft black form of carbon (8)
19________ Day is celebrated on Nov. 11th. (8)
22Birthstone for November (5)
23Words, expressions, and usages that are casual (5)
24Path of a planet, satellite, or moon (5)
26Extremely serious, severe, or painful (5)