Begins with "AS"


1A broad neck scarf that is looped under the chin (5)
4A person who travels into space (9)
9Wooden strips forming part of a fence (7)
10Unit of energy (7)
11A series of hills or mountains (5)
13A week chirping sound as of a small bird (5)
15Moved out of sight (3)
16To obtain, buy or earn something (3)
17Organ of thought and feeling (5)
19A cold jelly often used as a mold for vegetables (5)
21Drain for waste (5)
23People from Ireland (5)
24Body of salt water (3)
25Inquire about (3)
26Where sports events take place (5)
28Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (5)
29Black-and-white diving birds (7)
31Paving material (7)
33Deprived of legal force (9)
34Make eyes or sight dim (5)


1Spear-shaped green vegetable (9)
2Hard-shelled fruit (7)
3Small peg from which the golf ball is driven (3)
4A useful or valuable quality (5)
5A local and habitual twitching especially in the face (3)
6A young or baby owl (5)
7Dirigible (7)
8Thick woolen fabric used for clothing (5)
12A hot glowing coal (5)
14Boredom from lack of interest (5)
18Away from somebody or something (5)
19The residue that remains when something is burned (5)
20An actor's portrayal of someone in a play (9)
22Unable to sleep (7)
24Spicy meat in a casing (7)
25Poplar tree (5)
26The legal defense of establishing one's location away from the scene of a crime (5)
27Bestow an honor upon (5)
30Board used to slide across snow (3)
32A drinking establishment found mainly Ireland (3)