1An annual meteor shower that that peaks Nov. 19th. (6)
5Fireball, shooting star (6)
10A force that moves something along (7)
11Tallest living quadruped (7)
12To improve the quality of something (6)
15Apply liquid with a brush (5)
16A ghostly figure or image (7)
18A unit of area (4840 square yards) (4)
19Netlike material (4)
20Meteor shower’s point of origin (7)
21Legal claim on somebody’s property (4)
23Move along very quickly (4)
25Picks out, selects (7)
27Very hot and finely tapering pepper of special pungency (5)
28Large scissors with strong blades (6)
32Relating to, caused by, or producing motion (7)
33Widow with husband’s title or property (7)
34Somebody competent in technology (6)
35Push somebody or something forcefully (6)


2A man who rules an empire (7)
3Observe something (6)
4The time of day immediately following sunset (4)
53 wise men in Bible (4)
6A traditional Moslem headdress (6)
7The team that has the ball and is trying to score (7)
8A very luminous meteor (sometimes exploding) (9)
9A zodiacal constellation of the northern hemisphere (3)
13A portable charcoal-burning brazier (7)
14Place where earth meets sky (7)
15An act of suddenly jumping onto something, especially prey (7)
17Study of transformation of matter (9)
22Increase clarity of image (7)
24Fruit from citrus trees (7)
25Hold something tightly (6)
26Ionizing particles caused by cosmic ray (6)
29Region above the Earth (3)
30The highest point of perfection or achievement (4)
31Cut a movie or tape (4)