Let Us Give Thanks


2The season of gathering grain and fruits (7)
7Plenty (6)
8A meal that is well prepared and abudantly enjoyed (5)
10All the relatives (6)
11The day of the week that Thanksgiving falls on (8)
12The settlers who came over on the Mayflower (8)
14Thanksgiving month (8)
16Macy's Thanksgiving Day ___________ (6)
18Horn overflowing with fruit, signifying prosperity (10)
19Thanksgiving bird (6)


1Observe an occasion with appropriate ceremony or festivity (9)
3Aunts, Uncles, etc. (9)
4Used to fill the turkey (8)
5Family Thanksgiving meal (6)
6Served with mashed potatoes (5)
9Thanksgiving sauce (9)
13Shared the feast with the Pilgrims (7)
15The rock the Pilgrims landed on (8)
16Favorite Thanksgiving dessert (3)
17Term used to show appreciation (6)