We gather together


1Gather together with ______ on Thanksgiving (6)
5Thanksgiving meal (6)
10Thanksgiving is a favorite _______ (7)
11Supply with sustenance (7)
12Pumpkin pie spice (6)
15Very small (6)
16Deprive of by deceit (7)
17Browse the internet or television channels. (4)
18Alcoholic beverage (4)
19A written slip acknowledging that an amount of money was received. (7)
20An intuitive sense of what is right or appropriate (4)
22Sweet Potatoes (4)
25Excavation from which sand has been taken. (7)
27Draw back, as with fear (6)
28Eat intermittently; take small bites of (6)
31Joins the military (7)
32The season for gathering crops (7)
33Thanksgiving Day ______ (6)
34Horn of ______ (6)


2Team of athletes chosen as the best at their positions from all teams in a league or region (3-4)
3Often used interjectionally to express irony or disbelief or surprise (6)
4Toy on a string (2-2)
5Bring a ____ to pass (4)
6To eat a snack or light meal (6)
7Observe carefully or inspect (7)
8Give ______ (6)
9To cause someone to be liked by someone (6)
13Officer of the highest rank (7)
14We gather together with them on Thanksgiving (7)
15Favorite Thanksgiving pie (7)
20Thanksgiving bird (6)
21Christian martyr traditionally regarded as the patron saint of music (7)
23Completely enveloping (7)
24Desserts (6)
25A nap in the early afternoon (6)
26In fencing, the third defensive position (6)
29A small island (4)
30Mayflower (4)