It'll "DO" for now


1Student residence (4)
3To take off a hat, or lift and tilt it as a greeting or a mark of respect (4)
6To put out a fire, especially with water (5)
10A bed cover (9)
11Cut into small pieces (5)
12Located, suited for, or taking place in the open air (7)
13Given freely especially to a cause or fund (7)
14In addition (4)
16Draw aimlessly (6)
18The color of cherries (3)
21A major division of geological time (3)
22The capital of Canada (6)
23To break and turn over earth (4)
25Hottest period of the summer (3 4)
27Tending to remain unemotional (7)
29Spicy Texan dish (5)
30Things that are for initiates only, or are difficult or secret (9)
31Monarchy in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula (5)
32Shower with love; show excessive affection for (4)
33Small circular shapes (4)


1One of the highest academic degrees conferred by a university (9)
2Send payment for (5)
4Situated at the farthest possible point from a center (9)
5Terminated (5)
6To rule tyrannically, or behave in an overbearing way (8)
7Contrary to laws of nature (9)
8Make improvements or corrections to; of texts (5)
9Somebody giving blood or body organ (5)
15An imaginary and remote paradise on earth (7-2)
17Pipe carrying rainwater from roof (9)
19Transfers data (9)
20Act of giving, especially to a charity (8)
24Denoting a quantity consisting of 12 items (5)
25Deducts a sum of money from somebody’s wages (5)
26(literary) spirited horse for state or war (5)
28Cotton twill fabric, often khaki- colored, that is used to make military uniforms (5)