Ends with "EL"


1*Postpone indefinitely (6)
5*Through which bullet travels when gun is fired (6)
10Remarkably brave woman (7)
11Itallian rice (7)
12Informal meal eaten outside (6)
15Cut in half or cut in two (6)
16The snail-shaped tube in the inner ear (7)
17Tardy (4)
18*A property perceived by touch (4)
19*Give advice to (7)
20That which is responsible for one's thoughts and feelings (4)
22Ship’s steering apparatus (4)
25Worshipped (7)
27*A US coin (6)
28Alcoholic beverage (6)
31Form or shape by forcing through an opening (7)
32Communications link between leaders (7)
33*A shelter for a dog (6)
34*Force somebody to do something (6)


2Fruit resembling a small peach (7)
3A health facility for outpatient care (6)
4Legal claim on somebody’s property (4)
5Completely unclothed (4)
6USSR (6)
7The furthest or highest degree of something (7)
8*A place of worship that has its own altar (6)
9*Inexpensive supervised lodging (6)
13*Commissioned military officer (7)
14*A television station (7)
15*Adorn or decorate with precious stones (7)
20*Projects from wall above fireplace (6)
21Worn (mostly by men) under a collar (7)
23Be difficult to detect or grasp by the mind (7)
24*Be amazed at (6)
25Bring back (6)
26An authoritative declaration (6)
29*The back part of the human foot (4)
30Elegant and stylish (4)