The Twelfth Month


1The last month of the year (8)
5Give somebody task or duty (6)
10Dance of Latin American origin (5)
11Due to be paid (5)
12The sense organ for hearing (3)
13A stone that is used to mark a grave (9)
15_____-frutti (5)
16Oppressive government (7)
17Chemical agent that irritates eyes (4,3)
18Faithful copy of something (7)
20Spears of ice formed by the freezing of dripping water (7)
22The husband of your aunt (5)
24Blizzard (9)
26Water frozen in the solid state (3)
27Musicís speed (5)
28Place upright (5)
29Register formally; as a participant or member (6)
30Recurring or reappearing from time to time (8)


1Narrow channel (5)
2December symbol, half man, half horse (7)
3The sound made by a cow (3)
4Study of organisms and the environment (7)
6December Zodiac sign (11)
7Lacking the competence or skill for a particular task (5)
8December flower (9)
9Marked by absence of sound (6)
14Expressing or experiencing tender sadness or nostalgia (11)
16December birthstone (9)
19Take for granted (6)
20Form of an element with the same atomic number (7)
21Large spotted cat (7)
23A cry or shout of approval (5)
25Member of an army medical corps (5)
28To glide over the surface of snow (3)