Must be Santa


1The ____ of his chin was as white as the snow (5)
4December 25th. holiday (9)
9A mistake in printed matter resulting from mechanical failures of some kind (7)
10A closed plane figure bounded by straight sides (7)
11A council convened to discuss ecclesiastical business (5)
13The present time (5)
15An accountant certified by the state (3)
16Be obliged to pay or repay (3)
17'Twas the _____ before Christmas (5)
19A noisy riotous fight (5)
21Provoke someone to do something through promises or persuasion (5)
23An angry or indignant public reaction to something (5)
24Abbr. for avenue (3)
25Honey-making insect (3)
26Small quantity sampled (5)
28Production of a certain amount (5)
29Salad green (7)
31While _____ of sugar-plums danced through their heads (7)
34Snow pressed into balls for throwing (playfully) (9)
35Used informally; very small (5)


1A farewell remark (3)
2Put into a proper or systematic order (7)
3A very small circular shape (3)
4One of Santa's Reindeer (5)
5Informal abbreviation of 'representative' (3)
6Lacking seriousness; given to frivolity (5)
7Wonderful: so beautiful or pleasing as to seem supernaturally created (7)
8Must be ______ (5)
11A person who is thicker-waisted and heavier than average (Santa) (5)
12Round cake with hole (5)
14Discourage (5)
18Santa brings these (5)
19We wish you a _____ Christmas (5)
20Make improvements or corrections to; of texts (5)
22Expert or master musician (7)
24Inspiring awe or admiration or wonder (7)
25I Heard the ____ on Christmas Day (5)
26The thick short innermost digit of the forelimb (5)
27Santa's helpers (5)
30Elongate fatty-fleshed fish (3)
32Be seated (3)
33St. Nick and eight tiny reindeer descend through a brilliant night ___ (3)