Mostly "ON" words


1A frame that holds the panes of a window in the window frame (4)
3(computer science) a graphic symbol (4)
6A small drum; played with the hands (5)
10A wicked or evil person (9)
11A program that is broadcast again (5)
12Beg earnestly (7)
13Agriculture fertilizer (7)
14A unit of length (4)
16Remove by passing through a filter (6)
18A self-funded retirement plan (3)
21Religious woman (3)
22Martial art (6)
23Member of a Native S American people (4)
25Frying pan (7)
27Fruit or nut trees commercially planted (7)
29(of meat) to cook by dry heat in an oven (5)
30Lizard able to change skin color (9)
31Used by a conductor to direct an orchestra (5)
32Takes a seat (4)
33A group of musicians (4)


1Doubt about someone's honesty (9)
2To pry into other people’s business or affairs (5)
4Woodworker (9)
5Synthetic fiber (5)
6The second lowest adult male singing voice (8)
7An account describing incidents or events (9)
8A unit of weight (5)
9Pungent bulb (5)
15Someone to whom private matters are confided (9)
17A person trained to travel in a spacecraft (9)
19Deserted (9)
20Bones of person or animal (8)
24A moderate yellow-orange to orange color (5)
25Wash thoroughly; of surgeons before an operation (5)
26Filled crisp tortilla shells (5)
28A large structure for open-air sports or entertainments (5)