Deck the Halls


1Deck the halls with ______ of holly (6)
4Men who come from Scotland or who have Scottish ancestry (8)
10A government order imposing a trade barrier (7)
11Help develop, help grow (7)
12A long walk usually for exercise or pleasure (4)
13I pledge _________ to the flag (10)
15The practice of making personal welfare and interests a primary or sole concern, sometimes at the expense of others (6)
16Clothing in general (7)
20Belonging to the distant past (7)
21A Russian, Ukrainian or Polish soup usually containing beet juice as a foundation (6)
24A state of being carried away by overwhelming emotion (10)
26A mark left (usually on the skin) by the healing of injured tissue (4)
28 An order of marine mammals, including the whales (7)
29Tight garment for gymnasts or athletes (7)
30Somebody or something with the same name as somebody or something else (8)
31Strike the harp and join the _______ (6)


1The members, especially men, of a church or other religious group ( archaic or literary ) (8)
2Without somebody knowing: happening without a particular person knowing about it (9)
3Triangular stringed instrument (4)
5Willful disobedience to or disrespect for the authority of a court or legislative body (8)
6The most famous of the robots, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger (10)
7To feel and show sadness because somebody has died (5)
8Daughters of your brother or sister (6)
9Any tree or shrub having red berries and shiny evergreen leaves with prickly edges (5)
14People who help someone else do a job (10)
17A comfortable upholstered armchair (4,5)
18Focused on, obsessed with, or restricted to only one issue or subject: a ___-_____ mind (3-5)
19Player acts out a phrase for others to guess (8)
22'Tis The ______ (6)
23To be ______ (5)
25Bible: Another spelling of Abraham (5)
27Night-flying insect resembling butterfly (4)

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