Santa's Reindeer


1Santa's first reindeer (6)
5Adequate or sufficient in quality (6)
9Santa's third reindeer (7)
10TV rating (7)
12Honesty or directness, whether refreshing or distasteful (6)
14Tramps (5)
15 Walker Clemente, Puerto Rican professional baseball player (7)
17Fill to satisfaction (4)
18Santa's fourth reindeer (5)
19Santa's fifth reindeer (5)
21Santa's sixth reindeer (5)
24Passed with flying colors (4)
27The compensating of a party for a loss or wrong experienced (7)
30A large rare black-and-white lemur of Madagascar (5)
31An inelastic band that attaches a muscle to a bone (6)
33Santa's eighth reindeer (7)
34An activity that somebody pursues in his or her spare time (7)
35Consents to a condition (6)
36Attorney (6)


2In opposition to (7)
3(Greek mythology) a mythical Trojan who was killed by Achilles (6)
4Uncommon (4)
5Santa's second reindeer (6)
6Russian dramatist (1860-1904) (7)
7A box for wild birds to use for breeding (4,3)
8Blank areas between type (6)
117th month in Jewish calendar (5)
13Reserve Officers Training Corps (4)
16Looney Tunes, ______ Fudd (5)
20Exam (4)
21Go upward with gradual or continuous progress (5)
22Thick soft material (7)
23Very light rain (7)
25Derivative of opium; used to relieve coughing and pain (7)
26Santa's seventh reindeer (6)
28Takes in liquids (6)
29Teeter-toter (6)
32Opaque gem (4)