"Home for the Holidays"


1Hark The ______ Angels Sing (6)
4Nine-branched candle holders used during the celebration of Hanukkah (8)
9(classical mythology) the food and drink of the gods (6)
10Pasta (8)
11Put money in the Salvation Army ______ (6)
12Maintained, shipshape (4-4)
13Buddy (3)
14Administers or bestows, as in small portions (6)
17Dark patch on the Sun (7)
21A sultanate in northwestern Borneo (6)
25The top edge of a vessel (3)
26Consistent with or based on or using reason (8)
27One Horse Open ________ (6)
28Island-dweller (8)
29Refers to money matters (6)
30The state of being free from danger or injury (8)
31Spiritual beings attendant upon God (6)


1An eight-day Jewish holiday (8)
2Performance of music or dance especially by soloists (8)
3Pamphlets (8)
5A paint that dries to a hard glossy finish (6)
6By spoken rather than written means (6)
7Loves intensely (6)
8Exceptional holiness (6)
12A punch made of wine heated with spices, especially at Christmas (7)
15Institute legal proceedings against (3)
16The occupation for which you are paid (3)
18The number that is represented as a one followed by 12 zeros (8)
19Surround somebody or something (8)
20Jolly Old St. _________ (8)
22Kwanzaa means "First ______" in the Swahilli language (6)
23A typeface with letters slanting upward to the right (6)
24The intersection of two streets (6)
25A cry of sorrow and grief (6)