Medley of Words


1A design consisting of a pattern of varicolored diamonds on a solid background (originally for knitted articles) (6)
4A person who plays an organ (8)
10A tune or song that is played in every episode of a television or radio series (5,4)
11Of a pale purple color (5)
12Tall and thin and having long slender limbs (5)
13The relation of something to the matter at hand (9)
14Watch (a movie or play) before it is released to the general public (7)
16(old-fashioned) at or from or to a great distance; far (4)
19Aid in solving crossword (4)
21A warm knitted piece of clothing, usually with long sleeves, worn on the upper part of the body (7)
24A stretch of marshy grassland usually covered with water for at least part of the year (9)
25Relating to or belonging to a city (5)
26Said or done without having been planned or written in advance (2-3)
27Acting on the spur of the moment, without considering the consequences (9)
28Allergic reaction to pollen (3 5)
29A large artillery gun that is usually on wheels (6)


1A cud-chewing mammal with a smooth brown or gray coat, two-toed hooves, and unbranched horns (8)
2Tea made from leaves that have been dried but not fermented (5,3)
3Regarding somebody or something with suspicion (5)
5The ceremonial and symbolic objects and clothing used and worn by royalty (7)
6To make something such as pain or hardship more bearable or less severe (9)
7A land mass (smaller than a continent) that is surrounded by water (6)
8Heart, informally (6)
9Receive money as loan (6)
15(of handwriting, print, etc.) not legible (9)
17Unreasonably and obstructively determined to persevere or prevail (8)
18A male grandchild (8)
20Observe, check out, and look over carefully or inspect (7)
21Feeling drowsy and wanting to sleep (6)
22To separate, disconnect, or unfasten something (6)
23A mixture or assortment of various things (6)
25(used of opinions and actions) far beyond the norm (5)

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