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Drone Wars

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Use your mouse and keyboard to control your mothership and build up your drone colony.

Arrow Keys: Scroll map
[ESC]: Unselect all, 2x to clear chat
[TAB]: Show all armor bars
[0] (zero): Map to mothership
[1-9]: Load drone group, 2x to map
[SHIFT] [1-9]: Save current drone group
Click (Unit): Select one unit
[SHIFT] + Click (Unit): Select all of the same unit type
[CTRL] + Click (Unit): Add or remove unit to group
Click + Drag (Units): Select units in drag region
[CTRL] + Click + Drag (Units): Add units to group in drag region
Click (Map): Run unit action at point
Click (Minimap): Move to new map location
Mouse Wheel: Scroll map up and down

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