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An evil god has made a terrible discovery. Unable to act directly in the mortal world, he has found three unaware youths who between them hold an unusual energy that could be twisted for his own evil purposes. A deadly trap is set. Is the gathering of 3 stars a simple matter of coincidence or is it... fate? Fight monsters, complete more than 50 quests, rescue people in need and explore a fantasy medieval world in over 60 hours of gameplay!

Download 3 Stars of Destiny Download Now69.04 MB Buy Now$6.99

Exciting Strategy game with the following features :

  • Explore A Fantasy World!
  • Develop Friendships With Characters You Encounter!
  • 3 Levels Of Difficulty!
  • Uncover Relics, Artifacts And Secret Rooms!

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Memory: 256 MB CPU: P800


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