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You finally passed your babysitting course and are ready to help your school raise money. What you didn't expect was 20 of the craziest houses you ever imagined! Babysitting Mania starts you out slow, but soon you'll be facing a barrage of kids, birthday parties and huge houses to get in order, all before bedtime! With many hours of addictive gameplay, and your secret "Time Out" weapon, you can be the ultimate babysitter in this fun and fast-paced frenzy!

Download Babysitting Mania Download Now29.75 MB Buy Now$7.99

Exciting Action game with the following features :

  • Be The Ultimate Babysitter!
  • Play The Exciting Birthday Party Mode!
  • New "Time Out" And "Bedtime" Features!
  • Many Hours Of Addictive Gameplay!

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows Vista Memory: 128 MB CPU: P800


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