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Puzzle Games:

Check out all the free downloadable Puzzle Games has to offer. Go ahead and download a game demo and try it out! There are also more downloadable games for you to choose from.

Travelogue 360: Paris

Download Travelogue 360: Paris Have a great time exploring Paris and searching for souvenirs!

Travelogue 360: Rome - The Curse of the Necklace

Download Travelogue 360: Rome - The Curse of the Necklace Explore the stunning city of Rome and solve a mystery too!

Treasure Fall

Download Treasure Fall Uncover the secrets of the enchanted treasure in this puzzle adventure.

Treasure Island

Download Treasure Island Yo ho ho an' a fancy match-3 fer ye scurvy dogs!

Treasure Masters, Inc.

Download Treasure Masters, Inc. Embark on a globetrotting adventure to unearth an amazing artifact!

Treasure of Persia

Download Treasure of Persia Plunge into the luxury of an Arabian Palace with Treasure of Persia!

Treasure Pyramid

Download Treasure Pyramid Discover the 7 magic jewels that will unlock the Treasure Pyramid!

Treasures of the Ancient Cavern

Download Treasures of the Ancient Cavern Journey across the equator and follow in the footsteps of the Incas!


Download Trijinx Unlock the mystery of TriJinx, the action-puzzle with a tumbling twist!


Download Triptych Tetris style game- with physics!