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Reiner Knizia's Ingenious More Puzzle Games

Ingenious is a new puzzle game based on the best-selling, award-winning board game by master creator Reiner Knizia! Easy to play, but very difficult to master, Ingenious is a unique combination of strategy and luck! Conquer the board through the careful placement of rows of colors. With every move, you create new possibilities. The more colored pieces are placed next to each other, the more points you can gain. It's a puzzle treat that the whole family can enjoy!

Download Reiner Knizia's Ingenious Download Now18.86 MB Buy Now$6.99

Exciting Puzzle game with the following features :

  • Easy To Learn Puzzler!
  • A Combination Of Strategy And Luck!
  • 3 Difficulty Levels!
  • A Treat For The Whole Family!

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows Vista Memory: 256 MB DirectX: 8.0 or later CPU: P750 Video: 16MB Video Card


  • Screenshot number 1 for Reiner Knizia's Ingenious
  • Screenshot number 2 for Reiner Knizia's Ingenious
  • Screenshot number 3 for Reiner Knizia's Ingenious
  • Screenshot number 4 for Reiner Knizia's Ingenious

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