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Carpet Golf 3D Help:

Q: All I see is a grey rectangle. Why doesn't the game start?

Carpet Golf 3-D requires a Web browser capable of running Java applets. Such browsers include Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3 or higher, and Netscape Navigator version 3 or higher. This game will not run on the WebTV browser device, nor on certain versions of the America Online built-in browser.

Q: Netscape Navigator locks up when I try to play.

Under Windows 95, certain releases of Netscape Navigator version 4 will randomly lock up the first time you try to run a Java applet. Don't worry, though; Navigator will run Java just fine on the second try. Just terminate the locked-up program (by pressing CTRL + ALT + DELETE), then launch Netscape again. When you try playing Carpet Golf this time around, it ought to work.

Q: The game runs very slowly. What can I do to speed it up?

Carpet Golf 3-D runs best on computers with a Pentium 100 MHz processor or faster. The Web browser also has a major impact on the speed of the game. Of the browsers I have tested, I find that Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4 gives the fastest performance with Java applets.

Of course, the game will run faster if you shut down all other CPU-intensive tasks that may be running.

Q: What is the difference between practice mode and tournament mode?

In tournament mode, you are limited to seven strokes per hole; in practice mode, there is no limit.

In practice mode, you can use cheat keys to repeatedly play holes that are giving you trouble. Cheat keys include:

  • R -- Replay the hole from the beginning
  • P -- Go to the previous hole
  • N -- Go to the next hole

Note: The cheat keys won't work until after you have clicked the mouse for the first time in the applet window. This is Java default behavior.

Q: How do I aim my shot?

When you click on the image of the golf course, an aiming arrow will appear. The direction of the arrow indicates the direction of the shot, and the size of the arrow indicates the force. Press the SWING button to initiate the shot.

Q: The ball doesn't go in the direction of the aiming arrow.

Try to release the SWING button when the red Aim indicator is at the center of its range.

Q: How can I keep the ball from rolling back down the slopes?

Try hitting the ball at an angle to the slope; this gives it a longer distance to slow down.