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Applet : Javanoid V1.54, JDK1.1 compatible, by Remi Faitout.
Note if you have trouble with the send button in the way please play this version for now Javanoid No Highscore.

Controls : Javanoid supports both mouse and keyboard control.
Left & right to move the paddle
[SPACE] or [CTRL] to launch the ball or shoot
[N] for new game, [P] to pause/resume the game
[S] to toggle sound on/off
[U] to change ball direction
And 1 to 9 to change game speed (slowest fo fastest, default is 5).

If keys don't work, click on the game to give it the focus.

The game : Javanoid is a twelve levels breakout game. The gray blocks must be hit three times, and the gold ones can't be destroyed. The blue pill gives you three balls, the red pill a shooting paddle, the green pill a sticky paddle, the yellow pill a larger paddle and the gray pill a smaller paddle. The orange pill either give you an extra ball, make balls go through the bricks or add a bonus to your score.


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