How to play Pyramid

Twenty eight cards are laid out in a pyramid shape, with each row overlapping the row above it. The top row has one card, the bottom row has seven. The object of the game is to play and discard all pairs of cards that add up to 13; suits do not matter (you can play and discard the eight of diamonds with the five of clubs). Aces count as one, jacks count as eleven, queens count as 12, and kings are an automatic discard since they count as 13.

When you have a king or a pair of cards that equal 13, they are put on the wastepile, in the lower left corner of the screen. You win pyramid if all cards, those in the deck as well as those in the pyramid, end up on the wastepile.
The only playable cards in the pyramid are those that do not have any cards overlapping them.; only the seven cards in the bottom row are playable at the start of the game. Combine the cards in the pyramid with those in the deck, looking for totals of 13. Deck cards are turned up one at a time, and can be played if they combine with one exposed card in the pyramid to total 13. If there is no pair equaling 13, place the deck card in the discard pile next to the deck, and pick the next card out of the deck.